About Nojan Company

Since 1961, the company has started its professional activities in the field of manufacturing machinery and equipment for baking in the food industry, consulting, designing and implementation of mechanized kitchens.
 Industrial machinery and equipment for cooking, consulting, designing and implementing mechanized kitchens.

Continuous and up-to-date efforts in this industry have been the most important strategy of the company, which has always followed this trend with the use of world-day technologies and standardization, with the use of expert and innovative personnel, and has achieved brilliant results in markets. Internal and external.

With more than a quarter-century of dynamic experience, this approach, nowadays, has made Novgin's bake machines one of the most prestigious brands and manufacturers of this group of products in the country.

Currently, more than 5,000 thousand bakeware machines are being manufactured both inside and outside the country, which has always excited the customer's acclaim and satisfaction.

Main activities

The company specializes in designing, producing, installing and manufacturing, with expertise and experience in the following fields:
fast food
Design, production and commissioning of fast food and equipment for the preparation and preparation of pizza, pasta, burgers and ...
Catering and mechanized kitchen
Designing, manufacturing and commissioning of industrial kitchen sticks in accordance with the standards of the International Day and the production of the required equipment, including washing machines, preparation and baking of rice, steaks, grills, frying and ...
Design, manufacture and commissioning of all cooking and preparation machines, from low capacity to full automatic machines required by restaurants.


Development way

The senior management and the board of directors of Novgren Co., with determination and determination to invest in this field, have long been pursuing an entrepreneurial goal that goes beyond economic goals by creating direct and indirect employment, always bypassing the challenges and challenges. The set has been placed on the development path, which is briefly summarized in the most important steps taken.
. Start of manufacturing (machine-building); Year 1366
. Beginning in the field of food industry machinery (cooking tunnels and equipment for handling bread and confectionery); 1369
. Manufacturing of restaurant and fast food equipment and machines; 1372
. Designing and manufacturing of iron rails, grillers and automatic baking ovens, equipment for ketting and mechanized kitchens; 2003
. Equipping the manufacturing sector with the latest CNC work sheet technology; 2008
. Designing and manufacturing of automatic barbecue, mechanized rice line from rice washing to demineral tunnel and designing of mechanized kitchen cabinets and layout lines; Year 2009 Designing and manufacturing of automatic rinsing and tunnel bells;
. Design and manufacture of automatic washing of dishes; 2013;
. Passing the Fagor training course in designing and arrangement of modernized and mechanized kitchens; 2014
. Equipping the manufacturing sector with the latest cutting laser shear technology; 2014
. Equipping the manufacturing sector with the world's most advanced automatic bending technology; 1396

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